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Discover unlimited possibilities in personal and professional growth. Let's work together!

A Partnership

To me the word  “influence” means to authentically embody your essence and to live your life with integrity from your heart. When you do this, it inspires others to connect with themselves and discover their own expression of confidence and self acceptance.

My mission, through partnering with conscious brands, is to share quality wellness products and services that inspire people to continue to pursue a connection with their true selves. By working together, we can expand your reach and create a greater impact. I work with brands that share this philosophy and promote others to improve their quality of life.

I can serve your brand by: 
– Promoting your product or service on my Instagram page
– Creating exclusive commercial photography content
– Professional content that showcases your product or service
– Write a blog post or review
– Ad presence on my blog

Yoga Partnerships

Rates & Packages

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Extend your reach and engage with a new audience through carefully-crafted yoga partnerships. Choose between premade media kits or receive a custom quote. Explore options that include:




Professional Photos

Blog Features

Product Features

Website Ad Space

Affiliate Marketing

The Benefits

This describes the WHY.

I can help you to improve your brand awareness by creating inspiring and valuable commercial photography and social media content. This will increase your reach and visibility as a wellness brand.

Partnering with me will benefit you by:

– Raise awareness about your brand product or services.
– Receive commercial photography content for your own marketing.
– Gain exposure and expand your reach.
– Unique, original and engaging content that is showcasing your product or service.  
– Content creation. 


What you Receive

When you partner with me you are saying yes to having a genuine voice behind the mission and purpose of your product or service, and you will gain exposure in front of my growing online community. You are also committing to receiving high quality, and original photography content specifically created for you. 

I will work with your team to create content that is in alignment with your brand goals and what you are trying to achieve. Let’s form a mutual partnership and create a greater impact together.   

I offer a variety of packages that are listed in my media kit. If you are looking for an individual unique service that is not specified, please reach out and get in touch with your inquiry. I would love to serve you.


View and download my media kit for yoga and wellness partnerships. Explore options and subscribe for udpates!