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Om Life Living yoga app by Janice Liou

I recently tried a new online yoga app, Om Life Living created by one of my favourite yoga mentors, Janice Liou. Keep reading to discover why I absolutely love it.

In 2018 I started looking at international yoga teacher training options. I noticed one course in Bali had Janice Liou as a co-teacher for half of the teacher training. Since I already followed and felt inspired by Janice Liou, I quickly decided that I needed to learn from her.


I am grateful that I had the opportunity to study under Janice Liou during my 200-hour yoga teacher certification in Bali. Her presence during the course was the reason why I signed up for the teacher training that I chose. I still appreciate learning from her daily, using her online yoga app Om Life Living.

A while back, Janice Liou reached out to me asking to try out her new online yoga app, Om Life living, and to help spread the word. It was a no brainer since I love learning from her. Prior to trying her app. I was at a point in my practice where I wasn’t really finding my personal edge. I was craving a mentor and teacher to help me expand in my practice and teaching. As a life long student and teacher of yoga. I believe in learning from knowledgeable mentors and once you become a teacher, you are a lifelong learner. It is important to have personal mentors to inspire you to evolve on your journey as both a student and a teacher.

I tried Om Life Living for two months and recently, purchased a monthly subscription to Janice Liou’s online yoga app. The advanced online classes on Om Life Living continue to help me in finding a new level of expansion in my yoga practice that I didn’t know was possible. Finally, I get to lean into the edge that I was craving. Janice Liou’s advanced teachings are a big part of my personal growth as a yoga student and teacher. I have noticed so much progress in my personal practice since using Janice Liou’s yoga app. Being able to practice from the comfort of my own home using Om Life Living leads me to feel a continuously high level of dedication and commitment to my practice.

There is a wide variety of classes and for all levels. If you are brand new to yoga, an advanced practitioner or teacher, give Om Life Living a try.


Why I love the Om Life Living app

  • Easy to find targeted classes.
  • The online gallery is organized.
  • Variety of class lengths.
  • You can practice at home.
  • Om Life Living is really affordable.
  • You can create your own training plan to help you progress in your practice.
  • Wide variety of class topics and styles.
  • Advanced postures don’t only seem possible, but they are.
  • Janice Liou takes time to explain in-depth teachings.
  • Online workshops are available.
  • Advanced posture breakdowns.
  • She has classes focusing on the subtle body.
  • Janice Liou offers progressions for you to safely advance your practice.
  • Intermediate and advanced classes for yoga teachers and practitioners.

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