Due to COVID-19, yoga retreats and workshops are temporarily postponed

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Mindful life hacks to guide you in cultivating more presence and feeling good in your mind, body and soul. Follow along as I continue to share what I learn on the journey of life.

Yoga Practice

Benefits of practicing yoga

This practice is magic, it feels like it anyways from the impact it has made on my life. There are many reasons why you should start practicing yoga today and they go beyond the obvious physical benefits that you might

Black Couple Meditating Together

Simple ways to be mindful

Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to meditate and fit your yoga practice into the day. Life happens, and it can get chaotic and busy for all of us. When I am in this space, I try to

Lake Louise Yoga Retreats Teacher Canadian Rockies
Yoga Practice

Om Life Living yoga app by Janice Liou

I recently tried a new online yoga app, Om Life Living created by one of my favourite yoga mentors, Janice Liou. Keep reading to discover why I absolutely love it. In 2018 I started looking at international yoga teacher training

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Yoga Practice

Yoga for anxiety & stress

Hey everyone! I am sure you know the feeling of stress and how it can take a toll on your overall health and well-being. It’s crazy that most think that stress is just a part of life (which for the

Books Yoga Teacher Needs To Read
Yoga Practice

5 books every yoga teacher & practitioner need to read

When I first completed my yoga teaching certification in Bali in 2018, I was expecting to leave feeling confident and ready to teach yoga! I didn’t realize that was just the beginning of deeper learning. Yoga is a lifelong journey

Self Development

A quick morning routine to shift your day

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling a little bit stuck? Unmotivated? A new and healthy morning routine can change that! Due to the temporary “world pause” as a result of COVID- 19, I am sure we can


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