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Benefits of practicing yoga

This practice is magic, it feels like it anyways from the impact it has made on my life. There are many reasons why you should start practicing yoga today and they go beyond the obvious physical benefits that you might desire.

I can guarantee that when you commit to this empowering practice you will feel a sense of connection with your body, breath and mind. A daily commitment to a yoga practice and it will lead you to feeling amazing and help you to show up as your most authentic self as you move through life.

This practice has rocked my world in the most amazing ways, and that is why I am passionate about passing this knowledge on to others. Everyone can start yoga, anyone can do yoga. If you haven’t started, it is never too late. Who doesn’t want to feel aligned mind, body and soul?

Group Of Mature Men And Women In Class At Outdoor Yoga Retreat

Mind body breath connection

This is the number one thing that keeps pulling me back to my mat. We live in a world where we are overstimulated consistently during the day. We hear the opinions and voices of others and over time we can get disconnected from our own heart and soul. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means to join or “unite”. Through the simplicity of connecting your breath with movement the practice of yoga will help you in tuning inwards to cultivate a connection with yourself to help you feel aligned and connected as you move through life.

Increases self- awareness

Yoga will reveal any physical, emotional or mental tension in the body. When you strengthen your connection with yourself, you learn to become an observer of the physical sensations that you feel on the mat. You will learn to breathe through it and nurture a strong connection with your physical self awareness. As you strengthen your body- mind awareness you will grow more aware of your thoughts off of the mat.

Mindset shifts

Through strengthening self awareness on your mat, you are able to recognize your own internal blocks within yourself. Once you bring limiting beliefs and your ego to the forefront of your mind, it is easier to have self acceptance and let go of the thoughts that ae no longer serving you. The ego will always show up, and it will try to be heard in your mind. When thoughts show up during your practice, it is a chance to become more aware, to get to know your ego better and to reframe them. Each breath is a chance to renew, to reset and to make shifts within.

Learn to be present

Yoga will teach you to be mindful by being fully present as you hold and transition in and out of each posture during your yoga practice. You learn tools, such as connecting with your breath and turning your attention inwards to help teach you tools to be more present in your life off of the mat. You also learn how to be present with different emotions and sensations as they will naturally arise during your practice. Practicing yoga daily also teaches the discipline of coming back to the moment when you feel distracted, or pulled out of the present moment. As you practice being mindful with yourself as you connect with your body and breath, it is easier to embrace your life more fully off of the mat.

Decreases stress

There are so many psychological benefits to the practice of yoga, and so much of that depends on the style of class that you are doing. One of the main perks for your psychological well being is that yoga can help to reduce anxiety and stress. It does this through mindful movement and learning to control your breath. Stretching relieves mental and physical tension in your body while releasing endorphins to make you feel amazing. If you are looking to decrease stress through the practice of yoga then lots of forward folds and a slower practice along with relaxing breathing techniques can help to slow down your mind.

So if you are curious about starting, roll out your mat and put on your coziest clothes. Spend time connecting with yourself and allow for the practice of yoga to reveal it’s magic to you.

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Thank you so much for being here, and thank you for reading!

Xo Steph

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