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About Me

It is my goal to guide you in building self awareness to feel calm, centered and connected with yourself so that you can show up fully in each moment with presence.

My Evolving Yoga Journey

About steph & zenbliss yoga

Everything that you seek and desire, is already within you. The practice of yoga is about revealing this through each breath that you take on the journey. 

There are many layers to the practice of yoga. Whether you want to learn the basics of breathing, how to safely explore asanas (yoga postures), enjoy the profound physical and emotional benefits, strengthen your self awareness, connect with your personal power, calm your mind to ease anxiety and stress, or simply enhance your practice, I am here to honor your process and guide you toward reaching your personal goals.

I specialize in teaching yoga with an emphasis on fundamentals, safe alignment, and psychological benefits to help you reconnect with your highest self within. My style has my own modern day spin to it, to guide you towards applying the principles of yoga in your life. In 2018, I travelled to Bali to complete my 200 hour certification training under Janice Liou, where I further developed my background in Vinyasa style flows, Hatha, and Yin Yoga. I continue to research, study and practice daily and it is through my devotion to my own yoga practice and personal growth that I am able to authentically share what I have learned. 

My teachings are an extension of the discoveries I have made during my ongoing journey on the mat and the knowledge passed down from my mentors. As a full time educator, I have also integrated yoga and mindfulness strategies within a classroom setting.

Yoga is a lifestyle anyone can apply to show up calm, focused, and empowered throughout each breath and moment. It is about quieting the excess chatter and stories in your mind, and remembering your personal truth of who you are. 


My Mission & Philosophy

It is my passion to inspire and empower people to feel connected with their body, breath, and mind by applying the various principles that define yoga. I guide others to enhance their wellbeing while cultivating a sense of self-awareness and inner harmony using yoga as a transformative tool to connect with their authentic self.

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My Story

Yoga has been a big part of my personal transformation and has empowered me to overcome my struggle with internal fear and anxiety. It is because of yoga and meditation that I have been able to become self aware and take charge of my insecurities and thoughts. The practice of yoga and meditation is my greatest tool on my path to recreate and reconnect with my authentic self. It has taught me to embrace contentment as I evolve. I strongly believe that we have the power in each moment and with each breath to create or change our reality. Yoga empowers me to feel present, balanced and connected as I move through life with self acceptance and compassion. I feel grounded knowing that I have a safe space on my yoga mat where I can connect with my inner power and remember that I am enough. 

I continue to transform my internal world through the practice of yoga.

I am here to provide guidance to help you do the same.

Virtual Lessons

Get to know yourself a little deeper as you tune in on your mat. Live stream classes are planned specifically to guide you in creating conscious awareness of your physical, emotional and mental well being. Tune in after class for a Q & A with your personal questions regarding yoga at the end of each session. 


I create exclusive photography content and product reviews for lifestyle, yoga, and wellness brands that are looking for unique quality content to share their message. I want to collaborate with brands who are passionate about improving other’s lifestyle through their sustainable and ethical products. If your brand is aligned with making a positive change, get in touch. 

Online Yoga

Join me online where I will guide you through movements that feel good for your body while developing a deeper understanding of your practice. Access free content through my YouTube channel, where you will find brief classes and breakdowns of specific postures. I also provide detailed pre recorded courses and workshops that have a specific focus while breaking down breathing, safe alignment, and providing variations of postures alongside the traditional yoga teachings. My resources will guide you towards feeling a sense of calm and ease in your life. 


Realign yourself by giving undivided attention and dedicated focus to your yoga practice. My retreats are the perfect opportunity for you to create some calm and stillness in your life and to indulge in self-liberating wellness practices such as daily yoga, meditation and time in nature. Join me on new adventures!


Asana focused workshops break down yoga postures and teachings, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of foundations, alignment, mindfulness, and benefits of yoga. Workshops can be planned to meet your specific needs or goals. Get in touch to discus workshops for your personal wellness or corporate events. 


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